Struggling to Find & Keep Caregivers & CNAs?

Talent is hard to find. Hard to keep. We can help.

Get more and better talent faster. Storyvine gives you a tool to produce pro-video in-house for recruiting, training and marketing, all in one. Seriously easy. You can produce a branded video in under 10 mins. Really! Video training, video marketing, anytime, anywhere. In your ads, your job postings, train your caregivers & CNAs without having to come into the office.

What does Storyvine do

Elevates Your Recruitment

Inspire candidates with videos about your company, the job, testimonials from clients, testimonials from current employees, caregivers & CNAs, and show them how you train and provide tools for the job.

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Reduces Employee Turnover

Onboard new caregivers & CNAs faster with video training they can take anytime, anywhere. Keep their skills current. Don’t just tell them, show them how to provide care. Share regular updates. It will improve caregiver retention.

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Experience Storyvine with Founder Kyle Shannon

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The Storyvine Process

1. Create

Personalize your VideoGuide Templates with your Logo and Brand Colors.

2. Capture

Assign Storymakers (app users) & Inspire them to Share Their Stories.

3. Curate

Review, Approve & Select the videos that you are ready to share with the world.

4. Connect

Share the selected videos by publishing them automatically to YouTube.

Create high-quality branded videos in minutes

Use these pre-built, VideoGuide templates to create unlimited, branded videos filmed by anyone from anywhere.


Showcase job benefits using authentic employee voices to attract and retain talent.


Capture a new procedure in action or real work scenarios filmed by credentialed experts in the field to keep viewers engaged.

Customer Testimonials

Share real, authentic stories from satisfied patient families to maximize the credibility and impact of the endorsement.

Video Note

Quickly create mass team updates, or send a real-time response to patient families with this dynamic, video sticky note.

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Real Results from Real Customers

"Storyvine has transformed the ways we connect with the families we serve. It enables us to create meaningful and informative content seamlessly and bring a smiling face and life to the content shared with our caregivers. With Storyvine, we have been able to increase our video content by 100 percent!"

No Lights… No Camera… It’s All Action

Home Healthcare

Unlimited videos
Personalize the Branding of Videos
Pre-built VideoGuide Templates
Up to two Program Managers
Up to 50 Active StoryMakers a Month
Ability to publish to YouTube
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